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Dealers and Trade Customers

Dealers, trade customers, resellers, photographic studios, shops and professional photographers in any country, may be entitled to a trade discount.

The level of discount will depend on the type of business you are involved in and you will be advised after we have confirmed your details.

To apply for trade status, please create an account on the site and then email us your company details from the ' contact us ' link.

We will then advise you further and future orders will be automatically discounted accordingly.

In addition, companies within the EEC ( Not U.K. ) who have a valid Vat registration number are eligible to make purchases free of Vat.
To enable this to happen, firstly please follow the procedure above and in addition provide us with the following information. 
a. Your Vat number 
b. The email address you used to register your account with us.
We will make some security checks, and then email you to inform you that your account has been activated. 
You can then place orders free of Vat.

Avviso relativo al virus Covid-19.

I clienti devono essere certi che disponiamo di livelli sufficienti di scorte per mantenere consegne efficienti e che in questo momento tutti i principali corrieri e servizi postali sono operativi, ma potresti riscontrare alcuni ritardi e la tua pazienza è apprezzata. Se questa situazione dovesse cambiare, aggiorneremo se necessario.